Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Fish...View the Fish

I'm still reading a lot about math journals and making notes about what I think would fit with my math teaching and students. Kind of thinking of tabs so we have a few sections for a few different types of writing, this isn't 100% set in stone, just tumbling through my mind. I read another good article, 10  Big Math Ideas, and though writing in math isn't the main focus of this article, there are some very important things about teaching math in the article. So, I'm going to keep on working on what I want from my math journals.

So the fish...look at the fish a bit further down on my blog. They are very cool and interactive. If you left click in the white space, little yellow dots will appear, that's their food. Watch what happens when you feed the fish!!

Anyways, need to read more about math journals, finish prepping for two upcoming AIMS workshops I will be teaching, received my schedule for the year and am trying to figure out how my teaching partner and I will divide our days, and my class list will be here this week. Also, 22 of my @ 220 Children's Book Council/NSTA Outstanding science trade books are here and I've got to start reading. know these long summer vacations teachers always get where we don't even think about our classrooms...LOL!

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