Saturday, August 13, 2011

And We're Off to Another Great Year!!

My blog has been slightly silent for the past few weeks due to a few workshops that I've had to prep and teach for AIMS Education Foundation  and starting to work in my classroom. I've put in a new survey about what you'd like to see in the blog and so as next week progresses, I'll work on some assessment things that I do and in the next few weeks, I'll have some student samples ready for you all. 

We go back to school in Haywood County next week and I know some of you have already started back. If you're like me and are making changes to your curriculum and/or pedagogy, this is the time to jump in and start it. I find that I have problems in making major shifts in my pedagogy if I don't plan and get it started right away. So now is the time, get those composition books, graph paper in binders, spiral notebooks, WHATEVER you want to you, plan it out and jump right in!! 

Here's to a fantastic year for you, the teachers and your students. I know you will be making a positive difference in the lives of your students this year! Happy New School Year!